Five Second Decisions.........
How do our "five second decisions" effect the people around us?
Future Focus for Teens is a motivational and directional program created to help teens focus on what is in their control and rise above the circumstances that may be holding them down. Our presentations focus on some of the following key topics:
* Who are you?
* What is in/out of your control?
* Where do you draw your line?
* Your decisions and their effect on the people around you
* People on your path
* Circle of Support
 Future Focus for Teens strives in helping others accomplish what they are capable of, by giving them the tools they need to get excited about their future.   
I asked of life: "What have you to offer me?" and the answer came:
"What have you got to give?"
Raeann Dunlop,
Future Focus for Teens was founded in 2008 out of a passion to change the outlook of a struggling generation. Its Founder, Raeann Dunlop, is an Author, motivational speaker and consultant currently speaking to corporations, schools and large groups throughout the State of Michigan. She is the author of the self help book , "Why Not?"